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man trifft sich immer zweimal im leben
Hanae. 18. UBC 2016. Cellular and Molecular Biology major. Vancouver. Japanese-Canadian. Hockey enthusiast. Adrenaline junkie. Tea. Field hockey. Mountain biking. Skiing. Coffee fiend. I strum, I drum, I play, and I sing. Human.
ps; If I feed you, it's because I love you.

Took a peek in the thank-you card my mum wrote to my coach in memory of me graduating tomorrow and it said:

”..Hanae was never excellent at any sport. But she liked field hockey, and every time I saw her on the field playing with her teammates, she was smiling. That’s why I always went to the games whenever I could. Your coaching made the sport fun, and I thank you for that…”

Of course she said more things but wow. 

We’ve come a long way mum. 

Even though you just insulted my athletic ability in that first sentence.

  Jun 14th  

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